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Founded by Sally Han, PSALMS was the beginning of her commitment to do good and to make a difference in others. From its grassroots beginning as a charity fundraiser, to the current heights it has reached, this simple philosophy is what makes Psalms so unique and special. Psalms 91:1 Accessories is more than just a jewellery company, because it is part of a bigger purpose.


Psalms’ has been supporting many different charity organizations throughout the company’s existence. From making a difference for children through Sick Kid’s hospital to supporting the current worldwide crisis such as those in Haiti or Pakistan, helping others and those in need even in the midst of our own is an important value to Sally and the Psalms Team.

Sally has also traveled to Namibia and the Native Reserves as a volunteer and as a part of a mission to understand, connect, and love those who often go without.


Every part of the business is very personally customized by Sally and her team. From crafting the jewellery by hand, the marketing materials which include catalogues, line sheets, and newsletters, and even the Psalms’ packaging is made in house!

For each collection, Sally isn’t inspired solely through fashion trends or from celebrity-wear, but it is her experiences from mission trips and interpersonal relationships that remain as her primary source of inspiration. That is why Psalms’ motto is: “There’s a story behind every creation”.

Part of Psalms’ important philosophy is also affordability. Sally believes that everyone should be able to wear her special pieces and carry a story with them. But affordability still comes with high quality, thoughtfully handcrafted jewellery which carry natural elements such as wood, precious stones, crystals, and quality metals.

All Psalms’ jewellery is produced in Toronto in the PSALMS’ studio located at its heart; it is also one of the places where Sally is most inspired.

The Psalms Team is also one of the most important components that Sally is passionate about. Her heart’s desire is to help give a creative outlet to young people who have a passion to use their gifts and talents for something more meaningful.